Trojans Trek 18-23 September

Trojans TrekTrojans Trek is veterans helping veterans. Veterans, Firefighters and First Responders. Rebuild your resilience and self-management with 6 days in the Northern Flinders Ranges on the Trojans Trek Program. The next Trojans Trek will be fromn 18-23 September, 2022

Trojan’s trek is a circuit breaker program in nature. Participants figuratively undertake a journey, which facilitates new ways of viewing themselves, their colleagues and partners in a remote location while investigating ways to facilitate change. Some of the past trekkers have denoted this as a stocktake of life, feelings and behaviour.’

During the trek, individuals will be acquainted with a number of options needed to adjust thinking, make better choices, adapt behaviors and practice new skills which will be applied in his or her domestic situation. Participants are compelled to step outside their comfort zone and take stock of their lives both individually and collectively. The program is live-in, is highly individually focused and delivered by staff that have the necessary accreditation.

More importantly they are also warriors’ who have experienced and overcome the same frustrations as those attending. This aspect of staff selection is vital to the outcomes as many of those attending come to regard the older veterans as role models. Trojan’s Trek provides the setting and conditions under which participants will experience a lasting positive shift in values and interpersonal relationships. The trek is designed to improve lifestyle and community involvement. Trekkers are encouraged to face activities and situations which may have been avoided in the past by trying new ways of behaving and reacting.



The September Trojans Trek: Flinders Rangers, SA


September Trojans Trek

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